Each server acts as a universe which is made up of more than 10 galaxies. Each galaxy consists of 600 star systems that each contain 19 planets, of which 3 are pirate planets.

Although rare, it is also possible for planets to have a single satellite (a moon), which is created by huge battles in which a lot of resources are involved.

New PlayersEdit

New players are spawned starting from galaxy 1, system 1 and going to galaxy 1, system 600, with usually 9 home planets being created per system, after that it repeats with every following galaxy.

Warning: not claiming Bonus Builder rewards every day will remove it altogether from your rewards page, you will miss out on at least 200 Dark Matter, possibly items and [Resources|resources].



Galaxy screen in the Universe Tab.

When population of a server hits an unknown amount, new galaxies are created in a batch of 5, currently there is no known limit to how many galaxies can exist, there are servers with 50 galaxies however. A galaxy consists of 19 planets of which 3 are Pirate Planets of levels 5, 10 and 15.

Star SystemsEdit

Star Systems are common in each galaxy and every galaxy contains over 100 star system that hold 6 Neutral Planets and 3 pirate planets.

Travel TimeEdit

Traveling inside a star system takes the lowest amount of time, traveling between star systems more and traveling to a neighboring galaxy the most. Travel time increases with the star systems and galaxies that have to be crossed (judging by coordinates).


To save a coordinate for fast usage in your bookmark list, there is an option on every colonized planet available, not on pirate planets though. On this topic see also: Account.