Recovery Vessel

In-game Description:
"This is the only ship that can collect resources from debris fields from space battles.

Slow moving and relatively expensive to construct, these crafts can recover resources from debris fields of destroyed ships after battles have occurred. Only the cargo volume of the Recovery Vessels can be used. Resources can not be harvested and transferred to Cargo Ships.

The Recovery Vessel size is actually the same as the Large Cargo Ship, but has additional protective shielding equipment which occupies some of the cargo hold therefore limiting the available storage space to 20,000 units."

Also known as Recycler in ogame and early development state of GaW Online, this is why some Rapidfire listings in-game might use that name instead, even now.

Thanks to the arrival of Large Recovery Vessel the first part of the in-game description is wrong.

Battle Attributes Value Logistic Attributes Value
Attack 1 Capacity 20,000
Shields 10 Speed 2,000
Defense 1,600 Gas Consumption 300
Resource Value
Production Time*
Building / Research Level
Shipyard 4
Combustion Drive 4
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*modified by SY and NF.

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