Plasma Turret

In-game Description:
"The Plasma Turret is the biggest and most expensive defense turret with a high research cost.

As a perfect combination of laser technology and ion technology, plasma is regarded as the most outstanding and expensive weapon. Laser heating deuterium to a million degrees, and using ion technology to package the plasma.

The blue plasma ball flying towards the target looks so beautiful, though in the eyes of the targetted Crew, it means probably death and destruction!"

The Plasma Turret is the best defensive structure you can build. No ships have Rapidfire against it, and even a small number can be a very large threat to an attacking fleet. It also takes the most time of all defenses to be build, a feature only shared by Large Shield (then again, you only build 1 of those).

Battle Attributes Value Logistic Attributes Value
Attack 3,000 Capacity 0
Shields 300 Speed 0
Defense 10,000 Gas Consumption 0
Max per System N/A
Resource Value
Production Time*
Building / Research Level
Shipyard 8
Plasma Tech 7
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*modified by SY and NF.

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