Pirate planets

Pirate planets

There are 3 pirate planets in every solar system, taking the coordinates 17-19. They always have the same defenses and planet resources which are reset after a certain period of time (which differs for each pirate planet in each solar system).

It is therefore possible to always find a fully stocked pirate planet within neighbouring solar systems (in case your system's pirates are used up). They are a nice way to make easy resources as a strong fleet can defeat them without losses and they never retaliate.

Unique about them is the fact that no pirate planet can ever gain debris fields regardless which side has losses, likewise their defense never rebuilds after being destroyed.

Pirate Level Refresh Time* Defenses Resources
5 2 hours 5x Rocket Launchers

5,000 metal, 2,000 crystal, 1,000 gas

10 4 hours 20x Rocket Launchers, 10x Light Lasers, 10x Light Fighters, Weapon Tech Lv.1 17,000 metal, 8,000 crystal, 3,000 gas
15 6 hours 10x Light Lasers, 2x Heavy Lasers, 20x Light Fighters, 10x Heavy Fighters, 2x Cruisers, Weapon Tech Lv.2 52,000 metal, 25,000 crystal, 9,000 gas

*The refresh times shown are base times, they might be affected by something or not.

Since the pirate planets also have resource protection, you can only collect 60% of the total resources at each attack:

Total resources collected per attack
Pirate Level Resources on first attack Resources on second attack
5 3,000 metal, 1,200 crystal, 600 gas 1,200 metal, 480 crystal, 240 gas
10 10,200 metal, 4,800 crystal, 1,800 gas 4,080 metal, 1,920 crystal, 720 gas
15 31,200 metal, 15,000 crystal, 5,400 gas 12,480 metal, 6,000 crystal, 2,160 gas

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