Light Laser

In-game Description:
"A cost-effective defensive structure providing some threat to smaller ships.

Approximately 25% more powerful than the Rocket Launcher but also more expensive and requiring crystal. The Light Laser is very effective as fodder as the ships with attack bonuses against it are fairly slow and expensive - as opposed to the Rocket Launcher."

Light Lasers are planetary defense structures that have slightly more damage output than Rocket Launchers in exchange for being more costly to build. Though weak alone, they're at least a mild threat when amassed in groups, so long as you keep heavier defenses with them. They are best used as fodder for ships used in conjunction with shields.

Battle Attributes Value Logistic Attributes Value
Attack 100 Capacity 0
Shields 25 Speed 0
Defense 200 Gas Consumption 0
Max per System N/A
Resource Value
Production Time*
Building / Research Level
Shipyard 2
Laser Tech 3
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*modified by SY and NF.

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