Heavy Laser

In-game Description:
"Better armour, attack and shot speed than the smaller Light Laser Cannon.

Heavy Laser offers an improvement in power over the the Light Laser, and also stand up better against attacks. Unlike the Light Laser, Destroyers have no attack bonus against Heavy Laser, and this can make them very useful as surface defences.

A battle against Light Fighters will always be won by Heavy Lasers, and this will force attackers to use Bombers or heavier warships."

The Heavy Laser has more attack, shields, and defense than a Light Laser. This comes at a price, however, as it costs considerably more to build.

Battle Attributes Value Logistic Attributes Value
Attack 250 Capacity 0
Shields 100 Speed 0
Defense 800 Gas Consumption 0
Max per System N/A
Resource Value
Production Time*
Building / Research Level
Shipyard 4
Laser Tech 6
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*modified by SY and NF.

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