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The [Team] has been notified of this site and from time to time may ask that content get removed or changed. If they ask you to change your content, please do so, but post the reason for the edit on the talk page here. Those reasons will be translated and show up here as guidelines or rules to follow within this wiki.

Thank you Danatcofo (talk) 14:01, September 9, 2013 (UTC)


We still require the costs and times for many structures at various different levels, as well as almost all the research types. Please fill these in whenever you can.

  • Costs: if you don't know the precise price (your guessing or going from memory) make sure to indicate that it's an estimate by placing a tilde (~) before it
  • Times: make sure to provide base times (Robotics Factory Lv.0, Research Lab Lv.0, Shipyard Lv.0 and Nanite Factory Lv.0 depending what modifies the time you are adding). Modified times will not be named on every article, instead how much a building impacts this time will be noted on the individual building's page.

Also keep in mind that there could potentially be cost or time differences between servers (these are not yet fully known). If you see numbers that don't look correct (especially if they are not estimates) then add a comment to the page (you don't need to edit the page, there are comments below it) and mention your costs and server.

Templates Edit

Please use the following templates when creating in-game item/object references. This list may be expanded.

Creating a new page Edit

When creating a new page, please use title case for the page name. This means that all words start with capital letters, except for short articles, prepositions, and conjunctions such as "and", "or", "in", "of" and "the" (unless they occur at the start of the name). Also, try to ensure that the page fits into at least one of the categories currently displayed on the front page. Its perfectly fine to add a page to multiple categories if they are appropriate.