Celestial Trigger is an item which, once activated on a specific planet, increases the chance of a satellite forming during the next battle at that planet by adding a certain specific percentage to the probability (in addition to that created by the debris). The trigger is only valid for the planet which was active when it was activated and multiple triggers can not be accumulated on the same planet.

There are currently only 20% and 80% triggers available in the store, and debris can add an additional 20% chance of generating a satellite. The chance of one or more satellites being formed in multiple consecutive 20% attempts is equal to 1 - (1 - 0.2)^n where n is the number of attempts. The same formula can be used for other possibilities:

Probability of generating a moon with multiple identical attempts
Chances at: 10% 20% 30% 40% 80%
2 chances 19% 36% 51% 64% 96%
3 chances 27% 49% 66% 78% 99.2%
4 chances 34% 59% 76% 87% 99.84%
5 chances 41% 67% 83% 92% 99.97%

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